3 Year Old Girl Abducted

3 Year Old Girl Abducted

Date: November 1, 1997

Location: East Troy, WI

My daughter was 3 years old at the time this occurred. It was approximately November. I arrived home from work at approximately 2:30 a.m.

My wife at the time said: I just got our daughter back to bed.

She was sleeping fine and awoke talking to herself and when my wife went in to check on her, my daughter said that she was taken to a space ship. My wife asked me if I had been letting her listen to Art Bell and we went to bed.

I woke up around 6:30 a.m. to meet my daughter when she woke up, and I asked her a series of questions and this is a pretty accurate transcript of our conversation. It's one I may never forget. Remember she was 3 years old at the time. And she was and still is a fairly bright kid.

Me: I heard that mommy had to come into your room last night. Did you have a bad dream?

Her: No, I went to a space ship.

Me: What do you mean you went to a space ship?

Her: Some aliens came into my room and took me to their space ship.

Me: But when mommy came into your room you were sitting on your bed.

Her: I came back by then.

Me: How many aliens were there?

Her: Three

Me: Did you get a good look at them?

Her: Yeah

Me: Can you draw me a picture of what they looked like?

Her: I don't know how to draw aliens. You'll have to show me.

Me: Aliens are cool! But I wonder sometimes what they look like. Did you see their hands?.

Her: She held her left hand about 8" from the tips of her right hand fingers sort of like an extended time out gesture, and said: They had long fingers.

Me: Did they have hands like your hands?

Her: No they were skinny and long

Me: Did you see their faces?

Her: Yeah.

Me: What did their eyes look like?

Her: Big eyes.

Me: Did they talk to you?

Looking confused she finally said:

Her: Yeah

Me: What did they say?

Her: Nothing, they had no mouth.

Me: But you said they talked to you.

Her: Yeah. I don't know.

I'm thinking telepathy at this point.

Me: They had no mouth? Did they have a nose?

Her: Really little. But they had big heads

Me: How tall were they?

Her: A little taller than me.

Me: Where did you see them?

Her: Standing by my closet.

Me: How did you get to the space ship?

Her: I don't know we were just there.

Me: Can you draw me a picture of the space ship?

Her: I don't know how to draw a space ship, you'll have to show me.

Me: It was dark in your room, was it dark by the space ship too?

Her: No it had lot's of lights, all different colors but they were all on and real bright.

Me: Where did you go on the space ship?

Her: On a table.

Me: What did you do there?

Her: I just layed there. I was scared to move

Me: What did they do? Did they hurt you?

She repeatedly points at her temple.

Me: They pointed at your head?

Her: No, they poked me.

I'm now thinking implant.

Me: They poked you? With what?

Her: Something pointy, right here. And it hurt a little.

And she points at her temple again.

I saw no marks of any kind.

Me: When mommy came into your room you were sitting on your bed. How did you get on your bed if you were in a space ship?

Her: I don't know. I just floated down.

Me: Did they come back with you?

Her: They went back when momny came in.

Me: I saw an alien in a movie and they were scarey and all different colors and different.

She interupts me and says:

Her: It hurt a little when they poked me but they were nice. and I think they were green or something. I then asked again if she could draw me some pictures

And she repeated:

Her: I don't know how you'll have to show me to answer.

So I had a little 3 year old girl who was transported from her bed in the middle of the night to a space ship, implanted and presumably examined, had a conversation via telepathy with 3 aliens who then accompanied her back to her room.

And she basicaly shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

We figured she did not see any television that day even remotely referring to a space ship or aliens or anything similar. So the question is. Did it happen? Did she have an etremely vivid dream?

She doesn't remember a thing about this now. She's 9 and perfectly normal.

At the time I tried to contact someone, but had irratically available computer so I couldn't e-mail or search the internet for UFO sites like yours to properly report this. But I figured you'd find this interesting. So now that I found your site I sent the info.

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