Lynda Jones Abduction In Didsbury

Lynda Jones Abduction In Didsbury

Date: Summer - 1979

Location: Didsbury, Manchester, England

It was summer of 1979. Lynda Jones a 36 year old housewife was in her kitchen, when she received a telephone call from an old friend. Lynda arranged a meeting and over a long leisurely lunch she and her friend chatted about the old days and lost aquaintances. It wasn't long before Trevor, Lynda's Husband, had to leave for work. He was on a 2:00 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. shift at the local factory. Trevor left his wife and friend to chat away in the afternoon sun of their back garden looking over their chidren Christopher 5 and Lisa 15. Time quickly passed and Lynda's friend reminded her he had to be on his way before it gets dark, as he had visited on an old bike which had no lights on it.

Lynda offered to show him a short cut home which would take them over the nearby fields. Lynda, her friend and children set off, it was around 7:30 p.m. when they had arrived at Simon's Bridge located near the River Mersey. After saying their goodbyes, Lynda and her children headed back, taking their time to look at wild flowers, which was one of Lynda's interests. With her Oxford Dictionary of Wild Flowers in hand they regularly stopped to examine an intriguing flower. There was no rush, as Trevor would not be home for at least another couple of hours.

Suddenly Lisa shouted out: Mum, the Moon is coming towards us.

Lynda turned to see a strange object racing across the sky, travelling towards them.

It was like the shape of a rugby ball only a lot bigger, and was a bright orange in color recalled Lynda. It had come into view from behind a crop of trees on the golf course situated on the other side of the river. The object had a spinning effect and it seemed to be travelling towards us at an angle.

Get Down, Lynda shouted out, get down in the grass.

As she crouched down in the tall grass with her two children next to her, she braced herself for an explosion, initally thinking it may have been a plane from the nearby Manchester airport in trouple or on fire. There was no sound what so ever. Slowly looking up out of the grass Lynda saw the strange object pass overhead and then suddenly drop in a vertical motion behind an embankment which was part of the flooding defense of the River Mersey. It was then she realized the strageness of the total silence, not even the sound of birds nor the traffic from the distant busy roads of Didsbury Centr.

Lynda stood with her children in hand, taking a few steps towards the embankment, wondering if what ever it was had crashed. Lynda had a compelling urge to move closer to the top of the embankment. First walking then running up. She was suddenly stopped dead in her tracks by an amazing sight. There, about 25 yards in front of her lay an object which she could only describe as biblical looking. It was so weird. Lynda did not know anything about UFOs nor had any interest in the subject. With her children stood beside her, Lynda stared at the object taking in all the detail. The object was about 36' across and hovering about 2' to 3' above the ground. The object was disappearing and then reappearing. The object had a light on the top of it. It was a bright white light that was somehow separated from the object itself. Lynda felt drawn to light, and as she got closer the light got brighter. As Lynda got nearer to the object an organge ball of light appeared from the far side of the object and started to move towards her in a slowly rotating fasion.

As I walked towards the object I thought I would soon be looking in at them and watching what they were doing, said Lynda.

Lisa shouted out: Mum, come back, come back.

The shock of hearing Lisa's voice jolted Lynda back to a terrifying reality.

I had a feeling of Deja Vu, really strong, then suddenly I realized what I was doing. I thought Oh My God, were going to die.

Lynda quickly turned and ran, grabbing her children by their hands and almost dragging them down the embankment. When they got to the bottom Lynda started running so fast that her son Christopher struggled to keep up.

Oh No, It's there again Mum screamed Lisa. The object was now travelling along side them. Lynda too scared to slow down picked her son up and carried on.

Don't stop shouted Lynda, keep going.

Mum look, there are two of them now, Lisa screamed.

On the edge of exhaustion, Lynda supressed the urge to turn around and look.

Keep going, screamed Lynda. Don't look back Lisa, just keep running she yelled.

As they ran across the grassland, Lynda noticed something really strange. The experience was having some sort of odd effect on their surroundings. Lynda noticed that the grass was terribly overgrown at least 6' in height and seemed to be folding down on iteself as if it was being pressed down by some force coming from above and reavealling an escape route.

It was the strangest thing I've ever seen.

Lynda found herself still running when they had reached the edge of their housing estate.

We never stopped running until we were safe inside our house, said Lynda. Lynda looked up to se Trevor standing there who said: What's wrong, what's wrong with your eyes?

Lynda looked in the mirror and could see that the skin around her eyes was red and scaley. Lisa had ran straight upstairs to the bathroom presuming she may had wet herself in fear and Christopher though shook up seemed okay, Said Lynda. Trevor seemed concerned. Lynda told Trevor what they had seen from start to finish and afterwards Trevor asked us all to draw a picture of what we had seen. He was later startled to find all the pictures looked identical. Then, Lynda realized Trevor was home, he should have not been home from work until 10:30 p.m.

What time is it? she asked Trevor.

It was now around 10:50 p.m. Lynda had lost around 90 minutes of her life. She had left their comfortable semidetached home in Disbury around 7:30 p.m. and had seen the object around 9:00 p.m. She had ran a good 10 minutes yet they had arrived home about 10:40 p.m.?

Lynda would have to wait until the winter of 1980 before discovering more about her experience. In the meantime, Lynda and Trevor told very few about the incident. The local Manchester International Airport reported nothing out of the unusual of that particular day and there seemed to be no other witnesses. Lynda eventually was talked into undergoing a series of hypnotic regression sessions. Each sessiopn was apparently recorded onto videotape and produced around ten hours of material. Lynda found the entire experience too disturbing and was so frightened refused to view the majority of the video recordings.

Lyda said: I was very upset watching myself under hypnosis. At times I was becoming extremely upset by whatever I thought was happening to me. It was just too much. However, over the years Lynda had pieced together a vague account of what may have happened to her during the missing period, based upon memories during her hypnotic regression sessions and numerous dreams and day visions. Christopher & Lisa also had recalled other events.

I remember at the point when we had turned to run away from the object, I saw several people running towards the object. These people looked like men, dressed in long dark coats and wearing trilby hats holding what looked like satchels. There was also a strange mist that surrounded them and when they got close to the object, they simply disappeared. Also, the children and I remember seeing another cloud of mist around 2' to 3' high and in the mist was some more men, all around 5' tall, dressed in a one piece jumpsuit, all carrying something. Lynda recalled how odd it was that they all looked identical. She then recalled floating or a moving sensation. The next thing I remember is being inside a room watching 6 strange beings coming in. They were human looking, wore dark suits with high necks. They looked oriental, they had slanted eyes, dark hair and a yellow/olive complection. I seemed to know one of them. Lynda then went onto report the impression of being physically examined on a table.

I remember that they put something on my legs and they went really cold. Eveny time I tried to see what was going on, a bright light would shine in my eyes.

Even now, some 26 years later, Lynda still gets frightened about her memories of the event. She refuses to speculate about what was being done to her whilst on the table in the strange room. Over the years since her experience Lynda like many other alleged abductees has suffered from a real life medical condition. She discovered that her menstrual cycle had been affected after about a month after her experience. Lynda tried to get on with her life and forget what happened to her, however she would often find strange markings on her body which would disappear just as quick as they had appeared. The marks would just suddenly appear, but after showing them to Trevor, they would have disappeared before I got to show my doctor.

The weirdest thing was a few months after my experience. I had what only can be described as a Show. It was some type of waxy material, I immediately made an appointment to see my doctor. After talking with him, he told me that I had had a miscarriage, But I wasn't even pregnant I replied. He seemed adament about his conclusion. Lynda's menstruation did not return and she was refferred by her doctor to a gynaecologist. Many examinations were carried out in hope of finding her problem. It was not long until Lynda had to see a specialist at her local hospital. Lynda was told that the results from the examinations were successful and that they had found somethin'. Her Fallopian Tubes had been examined and scar tissue was found on them. Lynda was told that the scarring was the result of an ectopic pregnancy. Even though this can be fatal and extremely painful, Lynda reported no discomfort what so ever. I don't know what happened to me, but something did. To tell you the truth, it's made me realize about other odd things in my life, Lynda stated.

Immediately after her experience a strange mark had been found on Lyndas jeans. The strange mark mysteriously even looked the same shape as the object she had seen. The mark on the jeans were later analysed at a University Institute and concluded to be printer ink, however why was it in that same shape? and Lynda did not even own a printer. Over the years Lynda has discussed the incident in depth with her children, There memories of that day have never altered, the only one thing of further interest is Christophers memory of seeing a large tv type screen with a picture of his mother and themselves on it. Lisa also remembers the object jumping back a couple of times as Lynda approached it. As if to say Stay Away.

During 1987, Lynda was working as a beauty consultant and was required to wear a plastic name badge whilst on duty. Her name mysteriously dissappeared from the name badge within hours of wearing it. This happened numerous times to replacement badges without explanation. Lynda was now keen to report unusual things in hope of them never manifesting into anything disturbing. Investigators had arranged to have some analysis conducted on the name badge. The conclusion was rather odd, Radio Waves. Scientists stated that the badge was adversely affected due to radio waves. Strange. It was not long afterwards Lynda left her job, due to the fact of feeling uneasy. Staff thought I was some sort of Witch or something, Lynda Stated.

After her experience in 1979 Lynda had to reevaluate other odd experiences in her life, including a missing time episode she and her husband Trevor shared back in 1972 whilst out in their E-Type Jaguar. It was early evening and we had decided to go for a drink at the Swan Public house in Knutsford, Cheshire. They had taken the country route, but when they had finally stopped at traffic lights around 9:00 p.m. the car suddenly began to spin. One minute they were sat in the car going around and around and then the next minute they were sat at the traffic lights again on green. They turned the next corner to find that the pub was in darkness. They quickly realised that the pub had closed and that it was around 2:30 a.m. Lynda could not explain the car spnning as Trevor clearly had the handbrake on. Trevor also claimed to have seen bright lights behind them whilst spinning. A total of 5.5 hours were missing with no explanation.

Other unusual experiences include a man wearing a trilby hat seen numerous times. On one occasion Lynda had seen him in her back garden and had rang the police. When the police attended a couple of them went to the rear of her garden. Lynda noticed that they had been down there for quite sometime. Eventually on returning Lynda asked if they had found anyone down there. The police officer replied, Yes, There was someone down there but they simply disappeared. Where did he go? said Lynda.

No, replied the police officer, He really did simply disappear.

Lynda noticed that the officer looked shocked and confused. The officer quickly left and Lynda was no better off finding out who the mysterious man was. On another occasion Lynda was asked to attend hospittal for a particular test and after having the treatment later found that there was no record of it, nor did the doctor exist. To this date, Lynda receives common telephone faults and unusual letters in regards to further tests to be carried out. Lynda has also been asked on more than one occasion if she had been in contact with radiation.

Around 1988 Lyda and Trevor had visited friends in Nottingham, and on heading back through the countryside the car headlights and interior lights started to fade. This apparently happened several times, fading then growing brighter then fading again. Trevor was becoming worried as his vision of the road ahead was becoming hard to see. At that time they were travelling in a borrowed Volkswagen Golf with a deisel engine. After a while Trevor decided they could not continue safely and pulled into a lay by to wait for another vehicle to pass, so they could follow its tail lights through the darkness. Suddenly, Trevor shouted out: Lynda, look up. Though hesitent at first Lynda looked up to see a large bright circular craft slowly rising. It seemed as if the object had been directly over them before assending so high it became a dot in the night sky. Thankfully, a red sports car slowly passed, a chance for Trevor to now follow its lights. They quickly jumped back into the car and headed off. They had followed the vehicle in front of them for several miles, its tail lights were bright and easy to see. Lynda tried to put the object she and Trevor had seen out of her mind, and thought to herself she can discuss it more in depth once they were home and safe. Then suddenly Trevor said, Where the bloody hell is it? The car they had been following in front of them had suddenly vanished from sight. There was nothing but the darkness. At least the lights were working a little better now. Trevor recalled the strangeness of the event as he looked for a turn off, even a small lay by where the red sports car they had followed could have turned into, but there was nothing. Just a straight road ahead. On arriving home they had both realised that the journey took around 3 hours longer than it should have. Over the next few days the car was checked out by a mechanic who could find no problems with any of the wiring. In fact, the lights never faded again.

During her driving test, Lynda recalled another strange incident when a dark colored classic car suddenly drove out in front of her and the driving instructor. Luckily Lynda's responses were fast and she slammed on the brakes. She remembered seeing the driver and passenger of the classic car dressed in dark suits and wait for it, wearing trilby hats. The driving instructor was surprised at Lynda's responses as he stated I wouldn't have even seen that. Lynda also recalls seeing a strange man when she had gone to the bathroom window only to see him stand there wearing a dark suit and trilby hat, this time he was surrounded in mist and was somehow glowing from head to toe in a strange orange light. She watched him looking at her from the garden for a minute or so before completely vanishing. Lynda has been plagued with many unusual experiences including hearing a mysterious buzzing or bleeping noise, seeing strange balls of light and of course, the odd apparition.

Approximately around 2002 Lynda's periods returned, even though she had been told by experts that she will never have them again. An apparent specialist also told Lynda that all her ovaries had been removed somehow. She has even been diagnosed with numerous fatal illnesses, one of which was a rare bone disorder which would result in her bones slowly crumbling. None of these illnesses have never manifested.

So what about any official reports. Apparently a few weeks after Lynda's experience the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) telephoned her for a detailed report of the incident so that they could forward it to the Ministry of Defernce (MOD). The gentleman from the CAA did confirm to Lynda that they were in fact aware of the object. Of course its no surprise to find that the Ministry of Defence claim to have no record of the event upon request.

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