Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 4 - The Craft

The Craft

Date: Fall - 1984

Location: SW Michigan

Now I know that this incident may seem unbelievable to some but I know it is the truth and some may not like it.

After my previous incidents it was almost 2nd nature for me to, as soon as I got outside to scan the Sky's. With my experiences, if I saw anything with a flame color - orangish, yellow, in the sky I would be on alert.

It was fall of 1984 and I worked 3rd shift at a roller manufacturing plant making rollers from small 10 pound ones to large ones in the thousand pound range. These were for papermills, printing, steel mills etc. A place where I loved my job, but management and the owner were dictators.

It was a 20 mile drive to work - heading due west first, I noticed that all familiar orangish yellow light at treetop level up ahead just to my right, north. And I anticipated that this could be another UFO. At this point I was actually hoping it was knowing that they've taken an interest in me evidently.

As I got closer to the area, trees blocked my vision, then I saw it.

A craft in the shape of a pie plate with a lid on it. I stopped my car and got out to look at it.

The UFO was 50 yards away hovering about 10' above this house. I stated earlier that the color was an orangish yellow. There was a leading edge of light that was a bit brighter that moved counter clockwise and made a swooshing sound every time it rotated around. The top part of the craft was all windows, I saw 3 short creatures, they were greys, and 1 taller being - possibly human.

This person was wearing a United States Air Force uniform...The Dress Blues, and very well decorated with medals, individual. I've never told anyone about any details of this encounter, so I'm expecting a possible visit from MIB's or maybe this site could suffer consequences for posting it.

I was fascinated by the fact that a human american military man was inside this craft, I decided to get closer.

I got back in my car turned around and headed towards the driveway of the residence the craft was hovering over. I parked the car in front of the drive then got out. Less the 90' away a craft was hovering over a house and everyone in it was looking at me.

The military man looked at me and waved to acknowledge me. Then it was less than a damn second and that UFO, was a freaking star.

I couldn't believe what I just witnessed, I'm getting goosebumps just typing this out.

So I got back in my car and drove to work, I don't remember driving but I was there and on time. I'm thinking I wasn't abducted this time but I'm not 100% sure.

From this experience I know that our government or the shadow one have a cooperative relationship with at least the greys, and their craft can control gravity or the human military man wouldn't have survived that phenomenal acceleration into space.

If anyone wants to see the location of the house that this hovered over I'll show you. Or if anyone wants to hypnotize me for more info bring it on.

Oh and if any MIB's are thinking about visiting me, I'll be waiting...


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