Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 2

Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 2

Date: 1979

Location: SW Michigan

I was married and living at the resort besides cottages and campers it's a mobile home park. They were hard but happy times raising a family, with 2 young sons in 1979.

I had installed a Wood Burning stove to help with the cost of heating our mobile home, efficiency was lacking.

I, being friends of the resort owners, had access to free wood, I just had to cut, split and stack it behind my lot.

It was a colder than usual start to the 1979 winter, I know it was after Christmas but before New Years the exact date is between there.

My wife and I just finished watching the local news, and SNL was next, so I decided to grab the wood carrier/sling and fill the inside rack.

I bundled up in layers due to the blizzard conditions outside and also put on my heavy duty insulated leather mittens. I walked to the wood that was neatly stacked behind my lot and started to fill the carrier. When I turned around I saw a beam/shaft of white light come off the back of my mobile home. I was momentarily stunned and dropped my wood to investigated the light. It measured about 6" in diameter a perfect laser like quality,

I took my right mitten off then extended my bare hand into the light. The light was very warm but not hot, I proceeded to replace my mitten and ran to the door to get my wife to witness this curiosity.

My enthusiasm didn't convince my wife, both of us are baptized Catholic's basically at birth and the prospect of a power not god frightened her mind.

I grabbed our camera and went back outside. The light was going over the top/roof of the adjoining mobile home's kind of what I believed was a scanning procedure. It was snowing and blowing hard and when I looked up to follow the beam/shaft it went up into or just above the clouds where I hypothesized the craft, or source of light was hovering.

I tried to block the flash with my mitten because the flash would brighten the snowfall, and it did as the picture was basically a whiteout.

As I walked and watched, the light went over the tops of every mobile home, from front to back, then back to front on the next mobile home. As the beam/shaft got to the end of the street after scanning every dwelling, it then moved towards the woods.

This made me pause because I wanted to follow it into the woods, I decided I couldn't because of my wife and children, I didn't need to get taken and disappear from my life. Almost like on cue the light shaft slowly withdrew back into the clouds.

But I believe it happened anyway, I walked back to my mobile home and it was fairly dark with just one light on. When I went in the TV was off? I then just got ready for bed, my wife was awake and scared, she asked what took me so long? I realized then I lost about an hours time, SNL ended and my wife went to our bedroom to wait for me.

I told her I followed it to the end of the resorts property line so she wouldn't freak out. I was the one freaking out about the lost time and probably being on the craft without even remembering it in the least.

If I had any doubts of extraterrestrials and their crafts I didn't anymore. I thought it left the area, but then the lost time correlates with me being abducted. I remember everything but the abduction. Strange how they can manipulate our brains.

I at this time believe that the recurring color of the crafts is a flame colored orangish yellow the last sighting was also that same color.

There are a couple more strange circumstances and the best sighting I've ever had coming next...

This story will be continued.


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