Yellow Round Floating Ball of Light

Yellow Round Floating Ball of Light

Date: June 15, 2012

Location: Cary, NC

A yellow round floating ball of light in the sky right above a house across the street from me.

I stepped outside onto my front porch to smoke a cigarette, and something caught my eye and made me just stare for a minute or so before I actually realized that it wasnt a plane in the sky, and I ran back inside to grab my cell phone.

I ran back outside with my phone, and I started to record.

It was so incredible to be able to actually witness this happening right in front of me. It was only about a football and a half away from me. I've witnessed alot of very unexplainable things before, but nothing like what I saw that night.

It was a round ball of light that just floated in the air and then started to move. It danced around slightly and then eventually it disappeared behind a tree in my view.

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