Enormous Cylinder UFO Observed

Enormous Cylinder UFO Observed

Date: Summer - 1968

Location: Roseville, CA

Los Angeles police officer James Turner and his wife are driving their camper to Oregon for a fishing trip.

It's just after midnight, James reaches an isolated stretch of road and notices a bright white light in the sky that's keeping pace with his camper.

This light that James sees in the distance looks like a landing light on an airplane. But then, all of a sudden, the light starts moving up and down in a way no aircraft is capable of. This unusual light continues to pursue their camper down the road.

James keeps an eye on the strange light for the next four miles, when he notices three more lights on his right and left. Now all of these lights are keeping pace with his camper. He has a bad feeling about this.

He's thinking that some kind of intelligent craft is intentionally following his camper, and he has no idea why. He wakes up his wife to show her the lights because he's sure these aren't ordinary aircrafts. James' wife dismisses her husband's story, until one of the lights starts moving directly towards them.

Suddenly, James and his wife start to panic. They're in the middle of nowhere and something is tracking them. The light's size and intensity start to grow as it gets closer and closer to the camper. As it approaches, the light shines a bluish/green beam or cone shaped light towards the ground.

Frightened, James pulls the camper over to the side of the road and leaves the headlights on and the motor running.The craft is in the shape of a cigar about 40' - 50' in length. On either side, there are what appear to be two engines. There aren't any wings, or even a tail. This is no conventional aircraft. The object's speed is too slow for an ordinary airplane, and it's flying more like a helicopter, and its sound is unlike any helicopter or plane, It makes more of a whistling noise.

Without thinking, James gets out of the camper to get a better look, as he steps out, the UFO slowly flies over the camper, and it's huge.

James now has a really clear view and sees the sharply defined bluish/green beam is still shining onto the ground and covering an area of about 35' in diameter.

To the Turners' relief, the UFO appears to lose interest in them and floats over the highway until it disappears above the trees. James can't believe what he has just seen.

He and his wife are trying to figure out what just happened, but they have no explanation.

Eventually, they resume driving, and at about 2:00 a.m., they arrive at a rest stop in Roseville, CA. The Turners attempt to sleep, but the UFO soon returns.

Mrs. Turner is woken by a loud whirring sound, and she immediately recognizes this as the same sound they heard coming from the UFO earlier that evening. She can't make out any object, but she is sure that sound is coming from the sky directly above her. It sounds like the UFO is hovering just above their camper, so she wakes up James yelling: The thing has come back! The thing has come back!

James leaps up and runs out the camper, but as he is doing this, Mrs. Turner notices the sound is already beginning to dissipate. In the distance, James can see a dark object traveling away from the camper.

Once again, the Turners are relieved that the UFO did not cause any harm. During the rest of their drive up to Oregon, they had no further encounters.

The Turners never told a soul about this experience, until James confided in a fellow LAPD officer who convinced them to file a report with MUFON.

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