Motorist Taken Aboard Huge Disk

Motorist Taken Aboard Huge Disk

Date: April 1957

Location: Pajas Blancas, Córdoba, Argentina

An unidentified motorist allegedly had a very eerie experience while driving on the highway some 9˝ miles from Cordoba Pajas Blancas Airport.

The engine of his car suddenly and inexplicably stopped, and he said he got out to see what had happened and saw an enormous disk, which he estimated to be about 60' in diameter and 14' high, floating some 50' above the ground in front of his car.

Frightened, he ran and hid himself in a ditch beside the road. With a sound like that of air escaping from a valve, the disk descended to an altitude of a little more than 6˝', and from its base came a sort of elevator which came down almost to the ground.

Out of this device came a man who approached the motorist and courteously asked him to come out of the ditch, all the time stroking him gently on the forehead as if to calm him.

The being wore a tight fitting outfit much like that worn by a diver and which seemed to be made of some kind of plastic.

This man took the motorist to the disk and they entered it by way of the elevator. Once inside, he saw five or six men, dressed in a similar manner to that of the man, who were seated in front of an instrument panel.

A bright light illuminated the cabin and on the wall could be seen a series of large square windows which were not visible from the outside, which seemed very strange to the motorist.

The motorist was shortly taken back out and escorted to his car and the being put his hand on his shoulder as a gesture of departing, and then got into the elevator, which retracted rapidly into the disk. Then the disk, which appeared to be made of a blue/green, iridescent metal, ascended rapidly in a northwest direction.

During the following hour, the same or a similar object was allegedly seen in 6 or 7 places in the same area.

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