Running Pregnant Woman

Running Pregnant Woman

Date: Summer - 1992

Location: Beckley, WV

John Doe was just pulling out of the parking lot of a local mall when he noticed a blond haired woman that appeared to be 8-months pregnant running alongside of the road. He pulled up next to her intent in assisting her when the frantic woman jumped into his car and began screaming, Get out of here! They are after me! Leave me alone! Get away! They are after me!

As he drove away with the screaming woman next to him he noticed what appeared to be headlights following his vehicle. He attempted to outrun the lights but was unable to, at one point he slammed the brakes and the lights flew over his car then hovered in mid air yards above them.

The woman screamed again and told the witness to drive to a nearby decrepit and apparently abandoned house. There she left the vehicle and ran into the house. The lights hovered overhead for a second and then shot away.

After awhile the witness recalled some strange details about the woman, he described her as good looking, with a petite face, not swollen like a normal pregnant woman. She wore a bright green blouse that seemed to absorb light and her slacks were wrinkle free without any creases.

A week later he returned to the site of the house and found out that it had been abandoned for years.

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