Woman From Venus

Woman From Venus

Date: August 7-8, 1954

Location: Palomar Mountain, CA

One of the most curious UFO conferences of all time happened on August 7-8, 1954. This meeting was celebrated at the top of Mount Palomar, at an altitude over 6,000', in front of the Skyline Lodge.

The congress was promoted by three of the most famous contactees: George Adamski, Truman Bethurum and Daniel Fry. More than a thousand persons attended, from American journalists, FBI agents, saucer witnesses and just the curious.

Each of the contactees told their own experiences and took the occasion to sell their autographed books.

At Adamski's turn, the professor explained that the Venusians were much alike human beings. So much so they had infiltrated our society and were living in the big cities. He also presented a painting with an artistic depiction of a Venusian.

At the end of the first day there was some commotion when the audience noticed the presence of two men and a woman with an exotic appearance. The rumor started that they were disguised Venusians. Those that Adamski had talked about a few hours before. One of the men used glasses. The three were white and the woman had long blonde hair, but the strangest thing were her black eyes.

One of the attendees asked them, without much embarrassment: Are you or are you not Venusians?.

The woman, smiling, calmly replied. No.

Attendee: Why are you here?

Woman: Because we are interested in this subject.

Attendee: Do you believe in flying saucers?

Woman: Yes.

Attendee: Is it true that, as Mr. Adamski says, that they come from Venus?

Woman: Yes. They are from Venus.

At this meeting the Brazilian journalist João Martins was also present, and he interviewed them too, obtaining the following information:

She was called Dolores Barrios, and designed dresses, the names of her friends were Donald Morand and Bill Jackmart, they were musicians. The three of them lived in Manhattan Beach, California.

Martins asked if he could photograph them, but they refused. They were bothered and tired of being called Venusians. According to Martins, Dolores Barrios looked very much like the painting that Adamski had shown. For the rest of the conference the three became isolated and didn't talk with the other attendees.

In the following day, at the end of the meeting, the strange visitors let themselves be photographed.

Nowadays it's said that Martins photographed Dolores using a flash, surprising her. Dolores was scared and ran to the forest. Soon afterwards, a flying saucer was seen rocketing upwards, but no one was able to capture a photo.

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