Another Possible Abduction?

Another Possible Abduction?

Date: January 1, 1970

Location: Albrook Air Force Station, Panama Canal Zone, Panama

Around 1970 to 1974 my family and I were living in Central America, Panama Canal Zone, at Albrook Air Force Station.

My father was In the Air Force for 20 years, we lived at AlBrook between 1969 & 1974.

One night as 3 friends & myself were on our way home, we saw a fast light in the sky, at first we thought it might be a plane, But the light was really bright and fast and then it made a impossible 90º turn in mid air and was moving at no less than 1000 mph when it did it. Then the sirens on base started going off & the craft was still making passes at a very fast speed and doing manuvers that no aircraft I have ever seen do at high speed, back then or since.

I also had a time loss of about three hours that night, and was late 3 hours getting home. I have memories of the Dr.s & nurses at the Base Hospital holding me down to try to get something out of my head & they couldn't restrain me & had to call in my father to help them hold me down ( I was only between like 6 & 10 years old ) and I remember the Dr. approaching me with a very large syringe with a needle approximately 3" to 4" long and I just knew I didn't want them to stick that thing in my head as I got older ( I'm 38 now ) I lost some hair ( baldy - ha ha ). I have a noticable mark on my upper left side of my head, bluish green in color about the size of a large guage needle or slightly bigger anything like this on record anywhere else?

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