Twelve B29 Sized Objects Seen

Twelve B29 Sized Objects Seen

Date: August 15 Through 20, 1947

Location: Rapid City AFB (Now Ellsworth AFB) - Rapid City, SD

Intelligence Officer Major Elmer H. Hammer sitting in the parking lot near the flight line shortly after dark saw to the northwest about 12 elliptical objects about the span of a B-29, 140', with a yellow/white luminous glow in a tight diamond formation, approaching in a shallow descent, level off at about 6,000' to 10,000' altitude at 300 to 400 mph, make a gentle 110 turn to its right about 4 miles away climbing to the southwest, accelerating rapidly. No sound or trail.

The objects started climbing at an angle of 30º to 40º and appeared to accelerate rapidly in the climb.

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