Man Sees 50 Humanoids Disembarking From Unknown Craft

Man Sees 50 Humanoids Disembarking From Unknown Craft

Date: September 12, 1971

Location: Aznacollar, Seville, Spain

80 year old Juan Rodriguez Dominguez a simple person from Aznacollar, had no knowledge or exposure to the UFO phenomena, he just reported what he experienced with no bias.

Juan was guarding an agricultural property planted with melons to make some extra money. It was late afternoon around 7:00 p.m. and the sun was starting to set. He was startled by the sound and the scene of a large craft landing in the middle of the property at a distance of 600' from where he was standing. Juan instinctively pointed his shotgun, he saw two doors open and observed how small humanoids started to disembark the craft.

The beings wore a tight light blue uniform and appeared to have some kind of visor in front of their face. They descended in a formation of two lines and were about 50 to 60 of them.

5 or 6 of the beings stayed behind to guard the craft, while the formation moved towards the nearby well. He was scared and was contemplating using his shotgun. Those that stayed behind noticed Juan and started to walk towards him and at the same time one of them using some kind of torch like apparatus, pointed a light beam at Juan's head. Juan felt a terrible head ache and started to run towards the village. Each time he looked back he could see that the light was still pointed at him.

After a distance of 3½ miles he reached the village.

Nobody believed his story. The owners of the land he was guarding believed him that something was going and after taking their shotguns went back with Juan to the location of the incident. At the well the only thing indicating of some kind of event were the many small foot marks on the surrounding mud.

On the September 13th, Juan went to the local police station and submitted an official account of the incident. This case was made known by the famous writer J.J. Benitez on the July 20, 1975 in the newspaper La Gaceta del Norte, at that time a journalist with an interest in the UFO phenomena.

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