Huge Light Approaching

Huge Light Approaching

Date: June 27, 1994

Location: Arad, Romania

My name is Traian Crisan, I am 48 years of age, a sheep farmer in Arad near the Romanian/Hungarian border.

On June 27, I was checking my sheep at approximately 4:00 a.m., when I saw a huge light approaching over a nearby wheat field, like the Moon, but much larger.

When the light came within 15', a sudden powerful blast of wind blew away my hat and cape and knocked me to the ground. The object remained motionless hovering above the wheat field for 2 minutes, before taking off straight upwards and disappearing incredibly quickly. I ran to get help. When I returned, we observed 2 crop circles had appeared in the wheat.

Both circles measured 6 metres in diameter, with an outer ring measured 4 metres in width. All the corn within the circle was firmly pressed down in an anticlockwise direction, and the crop was interwoven, or plaited.

There were several other witnesses who also described seeing a strange light over the field, and hearing a whistling noise.

The corn started rippling and then bent over double.

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