Gösta Carlsson Encounter

Gösta Carlsson Encounter

Date: May 18, 1946

Location: Ängelholm, Sweden

Unknown to him at the time, an encounter with a UFO and it’s occupants would be the beginning of a successful pharmaceutical company that would make Gösta Carlsson of Ängelholm, Sweden wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. He would later return to the scene of the encounter and erect a stone monument of the UFO to mark the significance of the event.

Gösta Carlsson had taken many an evening stroll at the glade in Sjödammarna, where he could listen in on the natural beauty of the the flora and fauna that inhabited the area. It was not until the latter part of May in 1946 that an ordinary walk in the park would result in the experience of a lifetime.

Between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., Gösta had spent about 45 minutes enjoying his time at Sjödammarna when he realized it was getting quite dark and decided it was a good time to head on home. He turned on the lamp that he usually brought with him on his evening strolls and started up a little hill to get one more good look of the Kronans and Vegeholms forest land before heading home.

As he was taking in the majestic view, he noticed one of the grass glades that he had frequented during his youth, when he thought he could see something shiny in the distance amongst the birch trees. His first thought was that perhaps it was just a reflection from the lamp so he turned it off and still he could see something shiny in the distance. His only other assumption was that it could have been a camper or maybe some youths who were just hanging around.

He decides to walk down the hill to the glade, and after finally passing a row of pines that were obstructing his view, he turns into the glade and notices something that will forever be stuck in his memory. There at the furthest part of the glade, Carlsson sees an illuminated craft unlike anything he has seen before, or after.

Trying to make sense of the situation, he thought for a moment that it could be a carousel that someone had drove there, but soon realized that would have been impossible in such a secluded area with no roads.

From the entrance of the glade, Carlsson was able to stay hidden and observe the craft. The object was disk shaped with a large fin on the bottom of one side, with two legs on the other side that appeared to be telescoped. It was on these appendages that the craft itself was parked on the ground with about 5' of space underneath. There was also a ladder leading out from under the craft which led Carlsson to believe it was a hatch of some kind because of the light that could be seen emanating from inside. On the top there was what could be described as a cabin with oval windows equally proportioned all the way around.

For a moment Carlsson considers the possibility of what he is seeing is just an elaborate prank, or even worse, German pilots who had escaped after the war. They were rumored to have attained advanced technology unlike any seen before. After further observation, something deep inside him made him believe that this was something entirely different.

There was a tall mast on the top of the object, similar to that of a periscope on a submarine, but instead it split four ways at the top. It was about 16' high and supported a unique light on the underside of the top of the mast. The light gave off a violet type of light that appeared to entirely engulf the craft in a dome-like fashion and disappeared when in contact with the ground. It had a pulsating effect and looked to move along it’s path as if it were water. Carlsson would later describe the light as an electric curtain. From the distance Carlsson could see that the craft didn’t appear to have any nuts or bolts holding it together and its seamless appearence led him to believe it was a single piece structure.

After taking in the situation and his surroundings, Carlsson notices a man standing just outside the perimeter of the light encompassing the craft, but not directly in the light itself. The man is wearing a white outfit, which Carlsson later relates its similarity to that of our modern day astronauts. No zippers or fasteners of any kind can be seen on his clothing, and he is wearing boots and a transparent hood that covers the lower section of his face.

About 25' away, Carlsson could also see at least three more men on top of the craft occupied by some sort of work, and two more below who appeared to be assisting. There was also three women. Everyone there was dressed exactly the same way, with a white outfit, boots, and a belt. The beings inside the light wore the same mask except had them removed to the back of their necks. The women actually appeared to be much younger and all had light brown colored hair. The men’s features could not be as closely observed due to their hoods and headgear, but overall all the occupants of the craft appeared to be human in nature.

The headgear the men were wearing looked more like earphones, and despite the fact that they weren’t moving their mouths, Carlsson interpreted that they were using them to communicate with one another.

While taking in what he was seeing, the mood changed as the man standing guard outside the veil of light held his hand up towards Carlsson in what could not be misinterpreted as anything other than the stop sign signal. Having realized his cover was blown, Carlsson turns off his lamp. The man standing guard then holds up a device that was hanging around his neck which Carlsson describes as a folding camera type device, and the first thought that comes to his mind is he is about to have his picture taken. A cracking noise can be heard coming from the lamp, and as Carlsson takes a few steps forward, the man holds his hand out again for him to stop and another crack can be heard.

Having been told twice now not to come any closer, Carlsson waits as he watches the man turn back and walk a full lap around the craft, mindful to stay on the outside of the veil. As the man finishes his lap, the others continue with their work while a woman with brown curly hair is seen descending to the ground from the underside of the craft. She is holding some sort of bag, and cups, that she hands out to the other members of the group. Everyone starts to drink from their cups when Carlsson impulsively decides to step a bit closer, when he is again met with the man holding his hand outwards to stop him. As he did so everyone else in the group looks in Carlsson’s direction and the man’s face looks deadly serious, not unlike a police officers, giving him the impression that this is as far as you get. For a moment, Carlsson wonders if the man is protecting him from the veil of light covering the craft, or if his presence may be interfering somehow. He takes a step back to where he was previously standing and it seems to appease them as they all turn back to what they were doing.

Members of the group are seen entering and exiting the craft which allows Carlsson to perceive that the telescoping legs must be spring loaded, as the movement causes them to shift up and down. Before he is able to take another step forward, the girl with the brown curly hair exits the craft once again, but instead is holding a bright shiny object which draws the attention of everyone else. She walks to the edge of the light veil without exiting and quickly tosses the object outside the veil. As she does so another of the women can be heard laughing, after which Carlsson realizes is the first sound that he has heard since approaching the craft, other than twigs and leaves under the guard’s feet.

A sober man his entire life, Carlsson begins to question the ordeal entirely, and decides to walk back to Skälderviksstrande and clear his mind. After the 20 minute hike, he wades out into the freezing water to assure himself that he is in fact not dreaming. Still a bit frightened, he decides to take an alternative route back to the glade so that he will be approaching from the backside. He makes it halfway back to the glade when he stops to put his socks and shoes back on.

Looking in the direction of the glade, he sees no indication of the craft or any light coming from that area, when suddenly a bright red light is seen coming over the horizon. After a few moments the light becomes brighter as it ascends higher into the sky, and Carlsson realizes that this is the object from before. The landing gear is no longer deployed and only a slight whining noise can be heard. The object tilts up on one side and the light turns to violet as the object begins to move from left to right at tremendous speeds, until finally taking off into the sky and disappearing over Ängelholm where it is never seen again.

Still in disbelief about the entire event, Carlsson tries to convince himself that what he witnessed was not some secret German aircraft that never made it into the war. He walks back to his home and decides that he will not be stopping at any forested enclosures along the way.

The first thing that Carlsson does when he awakes the next morning, is hike back out to the glade and see if there were any remnants of the night before. He returns to the glade around 4:00 a.m. that morning when a light rain begins to fall over the area. The sun had already risen an hour before and he didn’t need his lamp anymore. The most apparent evidence of there having been a craft here previously was the small rings of burnt grass which he assumed to be from the turbines. The holes were only a few inches wide and a few inches deep, and the sand under the ground had been exposed from the grass burning away. It was quite evident that the propulsion systems used was much more advanced than anything at that time and this can be supported by the fact that there were only slight burns on the ground from lift off, as compared to the large swaths of burned ground that resulted from modern day rockets. There was also traces from the landing gear, and one of the nearby pine trees had been burned as well.

After examining the area, Carlsson concluded that the craft was about 50' in diameter, and he found boot prints that that didn’t have any significant details. Before leaving, Carlsson remembers the object thrown by the woman from the night before and searches the area. To his surprise he finds a small staff like object that appeared to be made from violet quartz. It measured about 2" wide, 2" thick, and about 5" long. The edges on the top were rounded off and there were strange inscriptions on the bottom that were unknown to him. Further inspection also yielded a ring created from a greenish metal and a beautiful stone in the center. The materials and design of the ring were unlike modern rings of that time. Closer to where the occupants of the craft had been working before, Carlsson also finds two of the drinking cups that still contain some of the liquid.

Carlsson returns home with his findings and becomes quite alarmed when his wife tells him his face is yellow and so are his clothes. After examining the yellow that covered him under a microscope he realized that it was just pollen from pushing through the birch trees while venturing back to the glade.

It was about this time that Carlsson developed a technique for harvesting pollen from the birch trees on a large scale, to be used in development of a product to help people with allergies. He would later go on to start his own company in 1952 known as Allergon that would become widely successful.

Initially, Gösta Carlsson had written a report to the authorities about his incident at the glade, but never submitted it. He attributes his success to the encounter with the strange beings and their craft, and would later return to the glade in 1963 to erect a memorial to signify the event.

Most people would be in agreement that this instance would be an ideal encounter, despite the lack of communication between Carlsson and the visitors, mostly due to the fact that no one was harmed or taken against their will. Another great aspect to this story is the plethora of information gathered by Gösta Carlsson himself, provided any of it is true.

The first noticeable similarity to that of other stories, is the disk shaped craft and its landing gear. While most UFO witnesses usually only see objects in the sky, few are fortunate enough to see them on the ground. And more often than not, when grounded, these objects appear to have landing gear not unlike those of our modern aircraft. In other instances, UFOs have been seen hovering just above the ground.

Another notable detail is the recurrence of occupants wearing clothes in a uniform like fashion that usually resemble astronauts in some way. While the stories differ at times, based on demographics or how much exposure the witnesses have had to advanced technology, most occupants are described as wearing white outfits, coveralls, and sometimes headgear. Aside from the occasional unknown being that is encountered, the only other entities that are observed are the aliens known as greys.

The white dress, black belt, and hoods worn by the beings that Carlsson encountered, seem to be a common description among witnesses.

Other than the landed craft and advanced technology, the occupants that were observed by Carlsson did not seem to be extraordinary. The fact that they were able to convey basic universal sign language such as the stop sign, only makes them appear to be even more human in nature. No words were ever spoken, if going by the recount of the story by Carlsson himself, yet they were able to maintain a basic understanding.

Violet quartz, also known as amethyst, serves far more purposes than just jewelry. Quartz can be used to create laser beams and other low frequency beams such as ordinary light. Some lighting in hospitals and other establishments that require clean environments utilize the ultra violet light created from violet quartz to kill micro organisms. Perhaps the light emitted from the craft was used for this purpose and the reason Carlsson was kept at a distance could be to prevent contamination.

Another theory to consider is that the light from the top of the craft could have also been used for creating the necessary ozone for treating water. It could explain the reasoning behind the cups brought out by the woman near the end of Carlsson’s encounter. Perhaps they were purifying water for drinking.

In recent years, scientists have had moderate success using lasers created from quartz to create nuclear fusion, a nuclear reaction in which atomic nuclei of a low atomic number fuse to form a heavier nucleus with the release of energy. With technology such as this, energy could be created with almost no cost and doesn’t require any uranium. An energy source such as this would be ideal for supplying power to an interstellar craft such as the one Carlsson had witnessed.

As far as Carlsson developing a new technique for harvesting pollen after his encounter, one can only assume that it was unrelated to his interaction with the occupants of the craft or the objects that were found. The understanding was that he was in the process of developing his new technique and it’s possible that he only achieved his epiphany by chance after discovering the amount of pollen he had collected on his clothes from moving through the birch trees.

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