Six Lights Just Miss House

Six Lights Just Miss House

Date: March 8, 1965

Location: Mount Airy, MD

J.H. Martin, instrument maker for National Bureau of Standards, and his two sons observed in the sky, six lights estimated to be 1000' from the observers moving at a speed of 20 mph with no sound. and/or a cigar shaped object with 2 fixed red lights, fly above them, just missed hitting the house, disappearing to the NE.

The lights appeared as three pair of lights, and all the lights had the same intensity. They were comparable to a traffic signal. The lights appeared to pass between the barn and the house at an estimated altitude of 100' to 500', they flew in a straight line toward the hills two miles away. The lights were in view for approximately 3 minutes.

J. Allen Hynek stated in a letter to Major Hector Quintanilla: Unfortunately this case still remains unknown.

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