Abura Akago

Abura Akago

Abura Akago literally means oil baby, and rightfully so, because this spirit drinks oil out of lamps. It is a spirit from Japanese folklore that haunted the province of Omi, now known as the Shiga Prefecture.

He was an oil merchant who stole oil from an andon oil lamp, set on the sacred Ksitigarbha statue located at a crossroad. After his death the Gods decided to punish him and turned him into a flame ghost.

Later this fire ghost turned into an infant spirit who feed on lamp oils. Abura Akago is somewhat similar to Abura sumashi who was an oil stealing spirit.

Abura Akago is claimed to appear as a fireball which floats into a house, takes the form of an infant and quickly licks the oil out of an andon lamp, and flies away again. So the oil baby now wanders Japan looking for places that still use oil in their lamps rather than electricity.

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