A Few Things About The Night Sky

I would like to take a minute to thank my wife for all of her help and research and time and thought she has put into everything she has done for The Night Sky II. She is more detailed than I am. I am certain that any of my readers who have been coming back costantly since 1999 have noticed an improvement in content. You can thank her for that. I just want to tell her:
Thank You...And I Love You, And I would like to Dedicate The Night Sky II to her.

We have in the past been labeled as SKETCH or Strange, Probably because I don't care if we are mobile friendly or not. I'm basic and not fancy...What you see is what you get.

As I say...We pay everything out of our own pockets, We don't ask for donations. I'm not about to convert to Word Press or to have someone update the site to mobile friendly. If you want to finance this...be our guest. If not...don't criticize.

The entire site is based on both of our thoughts and beliefs, and we have many.

My wife was surfing the web, She does that very well, She found 6 separate books that are for sale, that reference The Night Sky. I took that as a huge compliment, And would like to take time to thank the Authors.

The Book, Author and a link to them are as follows:

Acknowledged: A Perspective On Ufos, Aliens and Crop Circles By Andrew Johnson

The Occult Connection: Unidentified Flying Objects By Ken Hudnall

Leaving Oz By Linda Copping

Myths and Mysteries of Ohio: True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained By Sandra Gurvis

UFO's: The Great Last Days Deception By Billy Crone

Aliens, UFOs, and Unexplained Encounters By Dave Kelly, Andrew Coddington

These are still available on the original site available through the Wayback Macine.

I believe in paranormal activity. The story The Phone Call was real in my life. I believe just as strongly in UFO's. Not because of any personal experiences, but because it is just plain stupid to think that we could be the only intelligent beings in the vastness of the universe. I don't believe we ever landed on the moon. But if I'm wrong...and could be, see content and links elsewhere on the sight regarding lunar landings.

We truly believe there are huge government coverups regarding UFO's and alien contacts. Starting with Roswell. We can't believe we trudged along for many years with little or no technological advances. Roswell happens and we are overwhelmed with all kinds of neat breakthroughs and technology.

About some story content...

I'm not a firm beilever in Bigfoot, Chupacabra. and such creatures. I do very little about them. It grows old when they are refered to as Gods or Aliens. There will be some stories on them...very few though.

We disagree that most articles written give more credence to those with occupations in a higher social status, Scientists, Educators, Military and so forth, as compared to common blue collar individuals, and have done my best to edit the articles not to reflect this. We believe an event or occurence that is witnessed should hold same weight whether they are a housewife, babysitter, machinist or a rocket scientist.

I personally have also edited out references to those who I believe to be fakes, frauds or just plain glory seekers. Such as Whitley Strieber, I edit out any mention of him I see. And his name shows often, like he's paid to have stories written, or paid to have his name somehow added. Maybe the terms $3 bill or wannabe come into play? I'm not the only one thinking he's a phoney, Google him once. This is my opinon, not that of my wife.

It may seem trite also, even though we both are firm beleivers in extraterestial activity, We have a hard time understanding all the mention of colored lights on the crafts. We just don't understand, and never will, why or how a vehicle capable of intergalactic travel would incorporate such lighting, what use would it serve, would they be visible at light speed?

My Wife and Myself have no problem if you would like to use any of our content. We feel it's a compliment.

We run the site because we are devoted to the topics, and hope our visitors appreciate that we run absolutely no advertisements. We, to the best of our knowledge, are the only site that does this. No Annoying Pop Ups or any other distractions. We have been approached many times to do so, and just as many times we say NO. It isn't happening, we removed the email address to prevent this.

We pay all fees out of our own pocket. We don't beg for help or donations...to keep the lights on. If anyone is truly dedicated to a cause, they wouldn't be begging, or running annoying ads that deceive the readers, or pay per clicks, that is just plain tacky. Man Up Guys.

We currantly average between 15,000 and 16,000 visits per month, about 28% of those return multiple times. We are very happy with those numbers, and hope to keep them.

Thank You

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