Black Eyed Girl in Forest

Black Eyed Girl in Forest

7 years ago. I was wandering in a forest. I sat down to eat something.

A girl wearing a skirt and yellow shirt watched me from afar, she was around 9 or 10. She came near.

I offered her some of my lunch. She accepted. While eating, she saw up to me, and I almost pissed my pants. Her eyes were completely black.

She smiled at me, laid her finger on my mouth and then ran away. I was shocked, but followed her. She disappeared without trace.

2 years ago I was at the same place and saw her again. She was not a day older than at first meet. I started to ask questions, but she did not speak a single word. I made a photo of her with my smartphone.

She took my hand and pushed me to come with her to a small lake. And Jesus, there were other black eyed kids swimming around.

I donít remember anything after this. I woke up at the lake after midnight and checked my smartphone.

The photo I took of her, was deleted.

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