Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Terrifies Airman

Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Terrifies Airman

I'm a 6'7", 260# airman who was prior Special Forces. About a month ago, while stationed at a base in Texas that I will not disclose, I was up drinking a beer when I heard a knock on my dorm door. I got up outta bed thinking it was my pissmate, and since we have Jack and Jill styled bathrooms connecting our rooms, I opened our bathroom door and there was nothing. Being confused, I heard this sharp rapping on my door again so I look out my peep hole.

Now the hole, being quite settled halfway down the door, I had to bend down to look through it.

Standing there in front of me was a boy who looked about 17 or 18 at the most. I asked what's up, and he looked up with a smile that I can only describe as partially cruel and hungry looking. With a gaunt face, the boy asked me if he could use my phone. I answered: sorry Bud, I'm about to go to sleep so try the SP building across the parking lot.

I closed the door, thinking nothing of it.

He knocked again, and I walked over to my window, this time to intimidate the boy into leaving me be. I pulled my blinds up and looked straight at him. He looked up at me. I'd say he was only 5'9" and about 140#. real gaunt and frail looking guy. Believe me when I say I don't scare easily, but something about him made me feel uneasy as all hell.

He looked up at me and asked if he could come in again and then I saw his eyes, they were empty looking coals and a smile crept to his mouth, that same hungry predatory smile, and I felt goosebumps on my legs and back. Something wasn't right.

I said: I'm going to tell you one more time before I kick your butt to get lost.

I turned around to get my phone and looked back and he was gone.

The only thing that I can't help but shake is the feeling that I'd seen him somewhere before.

In Pennsylvania, two years before that night, I was working in a gas station. Late one night I was working a 11-7 shift in late October, still in highschool, when I saw him walk across a four lane highway to our pumps and stare at me and my brother. We were outside smoking a cigarette. My brother yelled over to him asking if he needed anything, and it was that same reply, he needed to use our phone.

My brother told him it was behind the counter and he can't use it, but the kid kept on coming closer. We went inside and he stood in front of the shop glass, and he just knocked for about five or so minutes until my brother got a bat and went outside.

He said the same thing I did, that the kid had a white face and black eyes. I'm uneasy about this. I shouldn't be terrified like this.

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