Black Eyed Kids Stories

Black Eyed Kids Stories

5 Strange Beings

A Girl In The Night

A Kid Walking The Street

A Strange Phenomenon

Adults...In Texas

Are They Even Alive?

Are You Safer Not To Believe?

At A Mall

At My Porch

At The Front Door

At The Window

Atlantic City

Black Eyed Babies

Black Eyed Child Sightings On Cannock Chase

Black Eyed Girl At Our Mall

Black Eyed Girl In Forest

Black Eyed Girl With Dog

Black Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Kids In Mexico II

Black Eyed Kids In Mexico

Black Eyed Kids In Tijuana

Black Eyed Salesman

Black Eyed Vampire

Don't Go Looking For Black Eyed Kids

Don't Go Out At Night And Always Beware The Devils

Dreadful Knock

Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Blamed For A Woman’s Fatal Health Condition

Encounter With Black Eyed Kids Terrifies Airman

Encounter At Sleeping Bear Dunes

Faeries Of Irish Folklore


Gas Station Incident

Girl At Motel

Harold Meets The Devil

He Told Me To Never Agree To Help Them

He Will Die Soon

I Let Them Into My Home

In Northern Ireland

In Ohio

Kids In Chicago

Man In Elevator

Marine And Black Eyed Kids

Midnight Caller

More Black Eyed Kids In Oregon

More BEKs In A Different State Park

Never Let Them In

North Dakota Kids

On Halloween

One Strange Kid

Original Black Eyed Kids Story

Pale, Mouthless Black Eyed Kid Encounter


Realtor Spooked By Black Eyed Kids

Short BEK Encounters

Teenagers Encounter Black Eyed Kid That Vanished Into Woods

The Portland Kids

They Just Stared

They Scared Him

Total Fear In Pennsylvania

Valerias' BEK Encounter

You'll Be Calling No One

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