A $544,000 Question

The $544,000 Question

I used $544,000 because when the TV show originally aired in 1959 it was called The $64,000 Question, Inflation changed the value that much.

The nearest supposedly livable exoplanet is named Proxima Centauri b, and is some 4.2 light years distant..about 25,000,000,000,000 miles away. So far as I understand we don't quite have that technology yet.

Leading to my $544k question...

How is it possible for our men of science to theorize that a celestial body that distant could be livable? When supposedly these great minds can't agree on our own moon or planets.

4.2 light years is a considerable distance. From my point of view, if they had launched something in the late 1950's, and with the technology of that time, it may be 1% of the way there. Most likely, those that could have launched something would be long dead, and the program probably forgotten.

Had it been possibly launched in the 21st century with current technology, it would probably still be just 1% there.

How can these Braniacs theorize that something that distant is inhabitable? Did they take a cruise and come back with soil and water samples?

Don't get me wrong, I would be all for it. I'm not narrow minded, but I just can't grasp how they make these assumptions.

I would think the only possible ways to achieve this are:

A. We have technologies that we the tax payers are totally in the dark about. Which isn't unusual.

B. We have had outside help. I would tend to lean towards this as an answer first.

Another thought I always ponder is, the common consensus is that are extraterrestrial visitors are most likely interested in our water. I guess that is possible...anything is possible. But which law states they need water? Or air? It's quite possible again that they are nothing similar to us in any way, that phrase life as we know it comes into play there.

What if they are interested in say our mountains, like they are Hors d'oeuvres to them?

What if they are interested in something we are totally unaware is around us? Some element we can't detect?

Maybe too, they are only interested in us as a Blue Plate Special? Long ago I had a friend who read something about we are only here for harvesting every 10,000 years or so. That theory would actually be a good fit for explaining lost civilizations. Much better than saying what they lead us to believe about the Mayans, or Atlantis.

The Blue Plate Special is way more plausible, take for example...bears, skunks & chipmunks hibernate yearly, they don't eat much while doing so.

We know, or are led to believe we know, extraterrestrials don't exist, if they do, we know absolutely nothing about them. Maybe they only need to eat every 15,000 years. Maybe we will be some type of ritual sacrifice every time they get a new leader, or go through some type of life change?

Another thought, I have no faith or respect for NASA, they are huge liars, never tell the truth. Let's say a huge asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. Would they mention it? I think not. I think they would evacuate those that are supposedly important to moon bases or mars. Leave us holding the bag. Even though it would be useless to go to the moon, possibly even Mars, as their orbits would be messed up as well. Just a thought. If they are afraid to admit aliens exist because we would panic, and pee our pants, They sure ain't going to step up to the plate and say we will be exterminated soon.

I believe the reason world governments are in denial of the existances of alien races, is because they acknowledge they would be powerless to do anything about them.

I truly believe that the COVID19 pandemic is fake, a way to keep the population scared, and control us for eternity.


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