Four 18 Inch UFOs Observed

Four 18 Inch UFOs Observed

Date: August 7, 1952

Location: San Antonio, TX

Mrs. Susan Pzuhl observed 4 round, unidentified flying objects that gave off color similar to white hot metal. Objects appeared approximately 18" in diameter, actual size, and all 4 objects similar.

Objects were observed singularly with exception of 2, and at intervals of approximately 20 minutes. No aerodynamic features were noted. No trail, exhaust, or visible propulsion system was noticed.

Speed estimated but observer stated, that with the exception of 1 object that moved slowly, the speed must have been 3 times as fast as a prop driven aircraft.

No sound was heard. Maneuver consisted of radical directional change by first object, straight and level flight by second object, slight directional change by third object and fourth object navigated a large circle.

An aircraft passed under the fourth object with no apparent reaction by plane or object. Object disappeared by vanishing suddenly, like an extinguished light.

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